17 Jul 2017

Puma Blue has put together 'late dwell mix #1' for us with a selection of songs he's listening to at the moment. 

this is just a lil collection of some tunes I've been listening to this summer

'Mula' - CapoLee + P Money
Did a session on Reprezent Radio recently with Usher Lavelle hosting and he showed me this, so all credit to him.

'Free Lunch' - Isaiah Rashad
Discovered this guy a few years ago via my friend Kadeem who makes music under the name Wolf the IIIrd. Got a lot of time for his stuff, he's a sick MC and I wish I could say I'd done the production on this tune.

'R6 Interlude' - Henry Wu
This a track from my friend Henry's Deep In The Mudd EP which dropped recently. If you don't already know, get to know. Boy is mad.

'I Can Be Your Boyfriend' - Peven Everett
Peven Everett is my guy at the moment. This could be a Sly & The Family Stone or Prince cut.

'Catchin' The Vibe' - Quasimoto
One of my favourite tracks off 'Yessir, Whatever'. Dunno why but it reminds me of this NBA Street PS2 game I used to have, even though I don't think it was on the soundtrack. Many summers wasted.

'Creeping' - Obongjayar
Found this a while ago via the incredible video by Frank Lebon who's done most of my favourite videos. Can't wait to hear what this guy brings out next, I dunno any other artists like him. Been re-listening recently to hush the hunger.

'Too Fast' - Sonder
Again, found this track via an amazing video. This was shown to me by a friend on his phone late at a festival I played this summer, and even from the shit sound quality of the speakers I thought it was one of the best drum sounds I'd heard in while.

'Bedsong' - DJ Harrison
A vibe from DJ Harrison's new mixtape, of which he releases a new one everyday it feels like. His production on his records 'Polytoned' & 'ColorJazzMixtape' were big influences for me when I was recording my EP. Lotta love for this man.

'Thoughts Of You' - Max Shrager
Fell in love with this track the other week. Don't really know anything about him or any of his other tunes, but I'm gonna get around to listening cos I like his style.

'Undenied' - Portishead
Hands down my favourite Portishead tune. Known it for a long time but come back to it so much. If I could write something this hauntingly beautiful, I'd just be quietly content and quit music.

'Not In My League' - Sun City Girls
My friend Jacob introduced me to these guys & I think this track is genuinely one my favourite things I've ever heard. If you ever longed for trumpet over gnarly guitar, jazz brushes and a spoken word vocal like Bill Murray, then I'm happy to be the one to have helped your dreams come true.

'Canción de Orfeo' - Los Zafiros
This is a 60s group from Cuba. I've listened to this album once every summer for the last three years. 'He Venido' is my favourite track, but I got into this one recently.

'Te recuerdo Amanda' - Victor Jara
This a Spanish ballad that really struck me when I first heard it, about a beautiful woman in love that he remembers watching in the street who loses her lover.

'Those Days' - Nick Hakim (featuring Onyx Collective)
One of my favourites from the album. Was blessed enough to support Nick back in February, he's such a g. One of the maddest voices I've ever heard live as well. Hope to collaborate with him sometime if our paths cross again.

Puma Blue plays Corsica Studios on 30 November. Get tickets now.

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