PLAYLIST: Woman’s Hour

18 Mar 2019

Woman's Hour have picked some of their favourite tracks ahead of their show at The Dome this month

Woman's Hour have just released their wonderful new record and will be playing what could be their last ever London show on 22 March. Will from the band picked some of his favourite tracks for us and we've made a handy playlist! Check out his selections below: 

This playlist has some of our favourite songs from the past and some of the best new music we’ve been digging. If we were writing a record now I’d be stealing everything from all of these guys…

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Acción - Vaciar

Ticks so many of my boxes, great guitar riffs, pulsating drum, dreamy / spaced out vocal. Swagger, such a swagger. Love it.

Julee Cruise - Mysteries Of Love

I know it’s a really obvious thing to reference, but we (along with almost every other band) have been massively influenced by Twin Peaks, this song just floats around you pulling at your heart strings with gleeful pleasure.

Shortparis - TyTy

These guys are amazing live, like really aggressive but also quite ballroom. I’ve got no idea what they’re singing about, but it must be something amazing.

Prefab Sprout - When Love Breaks Down

Paddy McAloon is such an underrated songwriter, and if Steve McQueen is his masterpiece, then When Love Breaks Down has to be the jewel in the crown.

Agar Agar - Lunatic Fight Jungle

Another really fucking good live band, I’ve seen these guys loads and would watch them every night if I could. This song is great on record, but genuinely ten times better live, a real highlight. Go and watch them.

Elsa Hewitt - Rolling in Your Wall

It was after hearing this song that we asked Elsa to join us for a couple of shows on our tour (including the London show). It’s a great blend of dreamy loops, trip-hop leaning in some ways but lighter and airier.

Heaven 17 - Let’s All Make A Bomb

This song is so good, I love the story behind Heaven 17 and this is probably my favourite song. When I first heard it I must have had it on repeat for about two hours. It’s that good.

Tallsaint - Warm Skin

Tallsaint are also going us for some shows on the tour, including the London show! This is a really cool track, playful production and great vocals.

Helado Negro - Please Won’t Please 

Just heard this the other day, it’s absolutely earth shatteringly beautiful. Makes me want to pop the kettle on and give him a hug.

Japan - Ghosts 

This song finds beauty in fragments. There’s so much space that you feel like you are walking around a city built on Sylvian’s words.

Peakes - Hole In The Floor

These guys are our friends and a wicked band to boot! This is their latest single and a real step up in song writing and production.

Efdemin - Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death

I just heard this song recently and was struck by the magical combination of ambient production alongside a folk vocal line that recalls Gavin Bryars best work.

William Basinski - dlp 1.1

I think this is probably the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. I would have put it higher in the playlist except that it is over an hour long. If you don’t know the story - google it, but I’ll just say mould has never sounded so good and probably never will again.

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