Pulled Apart By Horses - Medium Rare (Watch)

07 Nov 2014

Leeds rockers share video for track from Blood. 



A week having passed since All Hallows Eve, Pulled Apart By Horses have kindly gifted the intenet with a bit of bonus ghoulishness. Their new video for track 'Medium Rare', taken from latest album Blood,sees a skeleton-masked male stripper doing his thing upon the pole. Already a fairly unsettling image, the manipulation of exposure from the editor of the video allows the viewer to also watch the act of seduction as if having had something untoward slipped in their drink. All the while, PABH soundtracking with the scene with a fiercely anthemic track in which guitars, drums and bass strut proudly in unison as Tom Hudson screams the sound advice that the listener should just "forget everything you know". 

Pulled Apart By Horses play Heaven on 28th November. Buy tickets here 

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