Queen Adreena - ‘Drink Me’ (Rough Trade)

19 Jan 2004

the eerie 'n' sleazy group's second album; release - '02.

Queen Adreena - 'Drink Me'

Don't allow the opening torrents of 70s-esque heavy-metal riffage falsely lead you; Queen Adreena are dangerously sexy art-rock, a group free to roam the lyrical subject-matters others are too refined to touch, and an act confident enough to lead you down their dark alley of forbidden delights - without so much as even a mere inkling of embarrassment.

Extravagant, the band's second LP 'Drink Me' is perhaps even more haunting and thrilling than their first, 2000's 'Taxidermy'. Kate Jane Garside's typically enthralling squeals and screeches form a wholly dominant aspect of the work, yet QA's distinctive brand of furtive guitar and overpowering drums and bass certainly provides a captivating backdrop.

With the scintillating desperation of such ditties as 'Siamese Almedia', Garside's vocals hovering between the likes of Cerys Matthews and Bjork throughout, and the majestic brilliance of 'Razorblade Sky' evoking Radiohead at their most mysterious, the 'Adreena successfully manage to couple the concept of tunefulness along with the refreshing sound of original invention.

Even the brooding electronica of 'Sleeping Pill' - a truly warped, female version of Depeche Mode - makes for compelling listening, the soon-advancing metal of 'A Bed Of Roses' providing a sharp shock to the system, and easing you into the disturbingly still and deceptively innocent 'My Silent Undoing'. In short, the range is as satisfying as the actual content.

As it closes in the moody mess of 'For I Am The Way', aside from the thought of excitement over what you've just experienced, there will also be the nagging wonder of why this group aren't more reputable than they are. Well, if they keep this sort of standard up, then such a present predicament seems destined to change.

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