Queen Adreena - ‘Pretty Like Drugs’ (Rough Trade)

04 Jan 2004

the ever-extrovert, dark art-rockers are back; release - '02.

Queen Adreena - 'Pretty Like Drugs'

Snarly riffs and the sound of a girl in desperation, panting away like an exhausted farmyard animal, marks 'Pretty Like Drugs', the shockingly post-glam stomper new single from Queen Adreena.

With the customarily gloomy and sleasy lyrics of Katie-Jane Garside occasionally being screeched, gasped and sweetly shouted out at full blast, 'Pretty...' is the sound of music after the apocalypse: loud, wild, and dishearteningly bleak.

So, really, it's not that pretty after all - but that's not always a bad thing when presented forth with such tantrum-induced rockers as this; play it, and get angry with them.

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