15 Jun 2018

Sophie released her debut album today. Here's why you should listen to it...

SOPHIE's album OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UN-INSIDES is out today and you need to listen to it.

It has received critical acclaim across the board including Pitchfork awarding the record it's 'Best New Music' accolade. From her place as a founding member of the PC Music scene to her unbelievable sold out show for us earlier this year, we have been long term fans of Sophie and her work. She is a uniquely talented artist and it's wonderful to see her vision articulated so spectacularly on her debut record.

"SOPHIE is the pop star we need, right now."

"A glossy surface with deeper implications... not a satire or comment on pop, but a distillate of what pop could be."
The New York Times

" of the most revolutionary artists in recent electronic music history."
Teen Vogue

"...harder and more subversive than 100% of the industrial techno that came out in 2017 yet manages to be catchier and more memorable than all the pop music."
FACT Magazine

Listen to the record now and tell us what you think on Twitter.

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