Report: rockfeedback Xmas Party 2004 - 17/12/04

24 Dec 2004

new band hopes and tips for 2005 - tom vek, editors and the young knives - compel a camden barfly just before we break up for the festive escape.

Tom VekFah la-la-la-la... La-la-la-la...

'Tis the season to be merry. Achieved. rockfeedback's first stab at an Xmas Party was steeped in the sort of wobbly execution that you'd somehow anticipate. A nigh-on five-hour orgy of hot, new talent, slurring DJs, and festive spirit. Thank you, greater forces.

First up were Oxfordshire threesome The Young Knives. They take to the stage dressed like provincial accountants (their real day-jobs, anyone?), and go on to knock seven kinds of flying crap out of us. Theirs is well 'ard, minimalist punk-themed riffage and guitar work that'd convert a church-goer to the wrong side, and simultaneously make you question why they aren't yet kings of a genre. And in a world where bands are now allowed to look quite as unsettling as The Futureheads, they fit right into the essence of things - unswervingly quirky, just a bit fast-paced, and resilient to change. Nor should they; this is almost perfect.

EditorsEditors bring down the house with a thunderous compulsion to sway us in the atmospheric, eerie kind of fashion, meanwhile. Hailing from Brum and harnessing the sort of lofty, doting and quite blanketing racket that Interpol and The Departure are receiving plaudits for similarly amassing, they're clearly the real deal; singer Tom Smith shudders and gestates on the spot like the ghost of Curtis, his Telecaster whacking his front, and songs like impending single 'Bullets' or the quickly following 'Munich' sound positively massive. Already. Don't say you weren't prodded.

Then some lighter relief, comparatively. Tom Vek is a true showman; wont to a dashing of slap-bass - or even two bass-guitars on some outings - his songs naggingly refrain, strut and timidly swagger, boasting the sort of funk-themed fervour that makes references to Talking Heads or Beck compulsory. And of the former, he not so much cheekily as evilly borrows his forefathers - 'Green Lights' rips off 'Once In A Lifetime' so blatantly that even Vek seems to raise a knowing smirk.

Tom VekYet the crowd dances, entranced, to the likes of 'A Little Word In Your Ear', a truly winning 'I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes', and nearly-hit 'If You Want'. His is a talent almost frustrating to deny - infectious, and inevitably star-bound in '05.

Then: bad dancing downstairs in the devilishly loud environs of Camden's definitive, shoebox dancefloor, helped initiated by our rogue writers / DJs (Tom Hannan, Sam Hall, and Beamon 65 + The Hellion). Shame the venue pulls the plug at 3am during a rowdy 'Freakin' Out' by Coxon - it felt like we'd only just got started. Season's greetings, everyone.

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