RFB team up with Sailor Jerry for UK shows

20 Nov 2013

In association with Sailor Jerry, our friends and partners in Visions Festival, we're today excited to announce a series of three UK shows in London, Manchester and Brighton in December.

RFB have teamed up with Sailor Jerry for a series of three UK shows. The gigs take place throughout December in London, Manchester and Brighton and feature Mazes, Fair Ohs, Cheatahs, The Wytches, PAWS, MiSTOA POLTSA, Toy, Traams and Theo Verney.

Full details below...

Mazes / Fair Ohs / Cheatahs

Birthdays, London - 10/12/2013 


Following hot on the heels of February’s ‘Ores & Minerals’, an album which The Quietus called ‘the first great guitar album of the year’ and which The Guardian proclaimed as ‘Marvellous and highly recommended’, Mazes return with ‘Better Ghosts’, a mini-album that blurs the lines between ‘Ores & Minerals’, their acclaimed live show, and what the future of Mazes may sound like.


Fair Ohs formed four years ago in a haze of beer-soaked free love party-vibes. Eddy, Joe and Matt came together like young romantics, vowing to show everyone the meaning of true love. The years that followed the consummation of their musical marriage on that hot summer’s day saw them release a series of 7" singles and cassettes – some shared with the likes of Women, Male Bonding, and Cold Pumas – that made people like Pitchfork say “hey, these guys are A-OK!”. But no one was prepared for the earth shattering power of debut album Everything Is Dancing.


Comprising Nathan Hewitt (vocals, guitar) James Wignall (guitar, vocals) Dean Reid (bass, vocals) and Marc Raue (drums), Cheatahs are a band of fine pedigree on London’s slacker pop scene: Nathan plays guitar with Male Bonding and James used to play with Weird Dreams. Their debut EP shows why: these four sweet slices of slacker-pop brilliance promise great things to come. Fans of ace drum fills, melancholic vocals, searing guitars and fuzzy production should prepare to get very excited indeed.

Tickets for this show are priced at £5 and are on-sale now from the following links:





Soup Kitchen, Manchester - 11/12/2013


Formed in November 2011 after moving down from Peterborough, this Brighton based Surf-Doom three piece comprise of guitar / organ / lead vocalist Kristian, semi-professional poker playing drummer Gianni, and fiercely eloquent bassist Dan, who is currently writing an Adventure novel by the name of The Curious Adventures of Charlie Revel.

2013 has seen The Wytches supporting a rich variety of acts including Death Grips, The Black Angels, Chelsea Wolfe, Bosnian Rainbows, Japandroids, Temples, Metz and Drenge. They released their second single, the AA side, Beehive Queen / Crying Clown, via Hate Hate Hate Records on June 3rd, which sold out almost immediately. Following the success of Beehive Queen, the band re-released Digsaw as a limited white label 7".


The band formed in the ashes of a briefly (but passionately) lived “Violent Femme-esque”, Glasgow-based band called “A Copenhagen Hope”. After the departure of one of its founding members (Nick Anderson) the remaining three friends (Phillip Taylor, Josh Swinney and Matthew Scott) formed PAWS, initially practising in a freezing log cabin in the snowy Highlands.

PAWS bash out infectious, lo-fi, garage pop-rock that can quickly shift from cute melancholia to an unnerving territorial roar. On top of the pulsating noise the 3 piece produce sit dreamy melodies that bare the bones of their author. Lyrical topics slide between sarcastic self-analysis and brutal home truths. Their energetic live show highlights the dynamics in their music and lyrics - soft, warm, and comforting verses that lead you unknowingly into a vicious, claws-out attack from the chorus.


Mistoa Poltsa are a howling, dissonant proposition who combine a thunderous mix of 70’s era garage rock, darkly revolving motorik and a shock of vibrancy that’s all of their own.

Tickets for this show are priced at £5 and are on-sale now from the following link:



Toy / TRAAMS / Theo Verney

The Bermuda Triangle, Brighton - 18/12/2013  


TOY is a Korg Delta led five-piece formed in 2010. It consists of Tom Dougall (Vox/Guitars), Dominic O'Dair (Guitars), Maxim Barron (Bass/Vox), Alejandra Diez (Synthesizers/Modulation) and Charlie Salvidge (Drums/Vox). TOY's musical influences incorporate a wide range of genres including punk, psychedelia, krautrock, kosmische, post rock, musique concrete and folk to name a few.


TRAAMS formed in summer 2011 in the most unsuspectingly quaint surroundings of Chichester, West Sussex. They wrote one huge thunderous song during their first rehearsal that made spires quiver and cobbles wobble, and so Stu, Adam and Leigh decided to do this again every week. It seemed like a more productive pastime than how they first met, at the club night frontman Stu used to run, in what must have been the most exciting place in their hometown at that moment. From those darkened corners sprung forth the noisey, joyous krautrock squall that is TRAAMS.


Tickets for this show are priced at £5 and are available now from the following link:



Further information on all shows available at: http://www.rockfeedback.com/concerts 

Watch a playlist of all the bands peforming at the RFB/Sailor Jerry shows HERE:


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