Richard Swift - Kisses for the Misses (Polydor)

01 Mar 2007

first single from current band of the week star's album 'dressed up for the letdown'; release - '07

Richard Swift - Kisses For The MissesI've just about got over Richard Swift's voice. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to get over it, but that nasal edge made even his quirky, bouncing melody sound a touch too much like a whine.

His sinuses apart, however, Richard Swift has everything going for him. This is a cabaret piano number worthy of Damon Gough comparisons. Thus far it's made very little sense, but that's no matter with a Rocky Horror-like video, and a voice that, in its less sneering moments, comes close to the clear reaching notes of Ed Harcourt.

Swift is a troubadour it'd be worth investing the time to import over the Atlantic, he's appreciably more interesting than most of the tripe that gets served up under the guise of our home-grown singer-songwriters.

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