Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Konichiwa)

02 Jun 2010

precisely what heartbreak and calculators were invented for...”; release - 2010-06-01


Anyone whose mouth only recently closed after the icy-electronic bliss of Robyn’s 2007 ‘With Every Heartbeat, had best prepare themselves for some more jaw-dropping, Swedish brilliance.

Robyn shares her name with an Asteroid (5183 to be exact), and it’s somehow fitting, particularly in light of her releasing three albums this year. The first of these, Body Talk pt1 (we’re hazarding no guesses as to the names of the next 2), already packs the summery bounce of ‘Dancehall Queen’ and the sublime, disgruntled talking-calculator of ‘Don’t F***ing Tell Me What to Do’.

The lead single ‘Dancing on my Own’ has the classic ‘outsider looking in’ setup of all good pop music, with the disappointed Robyn shimmying amongst ‘stilettos and broken bottles’; it’s  the perfect retort to the airbrushed dream. The simple chords and echoed percussion are heartbreakingly effective, in the same way that Girls Aloud’s immaculate ‘Untouchable’ was. However, it best works because we know Robyn is fit, and the idiot boys are just too drunk to see her in the corner.

The synth-line pummels like a generator flicking V-signs at global warming, which is understandable, after all, this is about the loneliness of not pulling; the planet can screw itself while you’re not getting any. Her vocal is as hungry as ever, and this tidy epic is a fitting sequel to ‘With Every Heartbeat’. It is a great comeback and precisely what heartbreak and calculators were invented for.

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