Rosemary - Suburban Kings (MA2)

09 Aug 2006

after three eps in varying shades of black, grey and white, rosemary get round to releasing something that actually has a proper title; release - '06

Rosemary - Suburban KingsIn the splurge of post-libs-monkey splats, it's hard to keep your head and really find the gold in a quarry of salt.

The brilliance of these exuberant fellows is the sheer enthusiasm and dynamism that forces them to sign on and strap on, busting out beat up tunes of middle English bother from gear swapped for games consoles down the local cash converters.

The downside is there's a lot of 'em about... and there seems to be no justice as to which of them are picked up and thrown into the limelight. I mean, what have Little Man Tate got that Rosemary haven't? A couple more years, a few more MySpace friends and a major label contract - 'cos it certainly ain't about the tunes - otherwise Rosemary would be all over your radio now.

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