Sounds on the Ground #22:  Spectrals (aka Louis Jones)

06 Nov 2009

lo-fi one man bands are the new grunge, mike sniper's captured tracks 'record label' is the new sub pop, so i guess spectrals is the new nirvana...”


What's the deal?  Lo-fi one man bands are the new grunge, Mike Sniper's (Blank Dogs) Captured Tracks 'Record Label' is the new Sub Pop, so I guess Spectrals is the new Nirvana.  Despite having played only an extremely small handful of shows, nineteen year old Leeds resident, Louis Jones has artist and repertoire chaps all over him like a rash.  Thus getting attention off underground music aficionado's, independent press, and a 7" and LP coming out on aforementioned Captured Tracks!

When can I see them live?:   Pretty much any where and everywhere up and down the UK, with a hastily assembled yet musically efficient four piece backing band.  See Below:

Nov 16 2009 - "This Is Music" Warehouse Show          Hackney Warehouse, London

Nov 25 2009 - Now Wave @ The Deaf Institute W/ Wavves & Mazes Manchester

Dec 9 2009 - Sex Is Disgusting W/ Blessure Grave Brighton

What can I listen to?:  Unfortunately due to Mr Sniper loving English UK acts more than Winnie the Pooh loves honey, and the Mama's and the Papa's love keeping it in the family, he appears to have a backlog of releases including ‘Graffiti Island’, ‘Teen Sheiks’ and all that jazz.  However he is supposed to have an astonishing "ten day turnaround" on seven inch slices, and Spectrals appears to be top of the list.  Until this eponymous release you can listen to a couple of classics including Rot in Hell on

We all know music peaked in 1994, so give me a sound-bite about we could compare them to some kind of obscure band from the Britpop era:  As previously mentioned Louis Jones is nineteen.  He was four when Britpop was at its peak.  I'm not really sure what that means, maybe he sounds super Britpop because of this?  However, he kind of sounds like the early Elvis Costello, The Shadows, or some sort of lo-fi surf punk meets Motown amalgamation.  Go Figure.



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