St Vincent - Jesus Saves, I Spend (Beggars Banquet)

17 Dec 2007

how's that title for a christmas message?; release - '07

St Vincent - Jesus Saves I Spend'Jesus Saves, I Spend', sadly, just p*sses me off. On it, Annie Clark, the woman behind St Vincent, sounds like an annoying girl at school who thought she was amazing because she could (or thought she could) hit high D in songs. Yet to be fair, she can sing, but she's still very annoying.

The video worsens the situation as Clark acts like Maria in 'The Sound of Music', singing to a bunch of fresh-faced kids dressed as boy scouts. "La la la" she sings in a coat that makes it look like she's a primary school teacher circa 1942. All I can think of is being in a choir at school. And I'm going to have to turn it off now.

Watch the video to 'Jesus Saves, I Spend' HERE.

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