Stereophonics - ‘Rewind’ (V2)

20 Dec 2005

the band's highly successful 'sex...' lp spawns another semi-hit; release - '05.

StereophonicsBlanket-case applications of distaste towards something based on prior disappointment is stupid, and certainly something which doesn't go on around here. 'Dakota', a genuinely admirable piece of musicianship, proved that it's still possible to enjoy the Stereophonics, and that the persistent poking at them of the press telling them to develop or die was actually heeded, and provided a tasty fruit. So here's another poke in their direction. Why the retreat to something quite so uninspired?

'Rewind' is the bare outline of a promising idea left undeveloped, covered in swooping guitar sounds and an overly generous portion of reverb as if to make up for the lack of initiative present in writing a proper song. What we want from the 'Phonics, after all, isn't innovation in particular, but exemplary songwriting that once in days of yore they proved themselves capable of providing. 'Rewind' feels like only half of the process has been accomplished. What's probably most aggravating is how clearly you can see where they could have gone with it. Just why then didn't they go there?

After the reinvigoration provided them by the alarmingly acceptable 'Dakota' perhaps, the need to play it safe became a more pressing concern. The fan-base thrives on the dull and the dirge, and as such they need to be provided with it. But if said group is to continue to grow, the current non-members need to be impressed a little more consistently.

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