Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming (Rough Trade)

11 Jul 2007

spencer krug of wolf parade elevates his one time solo side project in to a full band concern for sunset rubdown's second lp 'shut up i am dreaming', and in doing so delivers something of a modern classic; release - '07

Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am DreamingHey You! Yeah, you with your indie kudos and hypersensitivity. STOP RIGHT THERE! Nope, don't worry, I'm not going to hit you. I'm one of you.

I just can't help noticing your hand going for that new Bright Eyes record - yep, I know it has stupendous packaging, and it's probably one of his "most complete works". But seriously, he's soft core now.

This is what you want.

Not since, 'The Glow Pt. 2' by The Microphones have I been so enchanted by a lo-fi album - indeed, not since then have I stumbled across one with such ambition. Because, in this record, Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes fame, has "done a James Mercer" and developed a solo project that should eclipse all his previous work.

The opening 'Stadiums and Shrines II' comes on like a shipwrecked '...Soft Bulletin' - demonstrating how in these times, with a low budget, you don't have to limit yourself to four track beat happenings. You can strip paint, explode mountains, break hearts and change lives - sonically as well as lyrically.

But the lyrics are interstellar - ranging from the self-debasing role-playing of 'The Empty Threats of Little Lord', to the jet-black humour of 'I'm Sorry I Sang on Your Hands that have been in the Grave'.

Indeed, while one of the bleakest listens since 'Berlin', the self aware humour saves it from overindulgence, into an ultimately uplifting, life affirming experience - best typified on the closing 'Shut Up I am Dreaming of Places where Lovers have Wings', perhaps the best song these jaded ears have heard all year. Opening with a timid picking, lifting and swooning with the romance of its sentiment, 'As I fall into the drink', he cries, 'I will say your name before I sink', before conceding that 'Oceans never listen to us anyway... so don't make a sound', before the song frizzes into a jaw dropping sonic splash that genuinely leaves your heart in your mouth, in a lifeboat lost at sea.

And you realise you've been listening to a very special record indeed.

Stream 'Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings' from 'Shut Up I Am Dreaming' HERE.

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