The Alarm - ‘Close’ (Snapper)

17 Dec 2004

naughtily tricking old band the alarn provide a third single on '04; release - '04.

The AlarmThe Alarm: millions-selling, ageing rogues that earlier this year came back as pseudonym 'The Poppy Fields' in a bid to chart once more (being perceived as a bunch of youngsters that had just picked up guitars over reforming ancients has its virtues to the record-buying public, seemingly). And they deceived a lot of people. So 'justly' made the top-30.

Still licking our wounds after such abuse (we fell for it), we must be extra harsh on third single from their comeback-LP 'In The Poppyfields'. It's like U2. Completely like U2. Need we go on? Not really - suffice to say that recklessly impassioned vocals, searing guitar-lines and stadium righteousness seem frightfully obtuse for this time of year. Deceiving bastards.

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