The Be Be See - You K Gold (At Large)

06 Dec 2006

more gimmicks than an entire flaming lips tour, but pretty little ditties nonetheless; release - '06

The Be Be See - You K GoldThe Be Be See has a gimmick, a shtick. Band members, Kevin 'BSB' Retoryka, Phil 'ATV' Collins and Beth 'CNN' Randow, have all adopted the names of large television stations. The name of their group is the name of a media organisation, and the name of their first single is the name of a lesser television channel, obscured in the mists of cable broadcasting. The Be Be See hope that by the shameless appropriation of mainstream cultural institutions and the bending of them to their vicious will that they will enhance their independent credibility. It is hoped their iconoclastic mystique will be furthered by their sheer nerve and build them an underground audience, making them kings to the disenfranchised.

Unfortunate this isn't really necessary. Their concern with television obscures a high quality lo-fi pop track, sounding at once contemporary, but also fresh and liberating; differentiated from the majority of dross that masquerades as indie pop during this millennium. For once, as they band themselves articulate, they are not interested in their home town, the nights out they lived their, or the people they know. This is music concerned with a slightly larger pallet of experience, and is detached from their origins. The only clue is that they came from a small town, a town small enough to make anybody want to move to the big city to prevent their lives becoming an empty shell of existence, confined to mortgages and children from the age of 22.

The sound is a mixture of the open but intelligent scorn of Jarvis Cocker, at least in his Pulp days, matched with the same jaunty, knowing optimism of the Wedding Present, with a similar vocal delivery. Holding these elements together are the mini droning epics, resting on the experiences of Spaceman 3, but here economically utilised as background elements. This mixture of elements is combined and held together by the groups youthful urgency, it is as if the mould could break at any time so they had better keep playing while the good times last.

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