The Charlatans - ‘Loving You Is Easy’ (Universal-Island)

17 Dec 2004

keyboardist tony rogers takes centre-stage with a winning vocal effort; release - '04.

The CharlatansIndier than a piss-sodden cardigan at a Madness gig in Finsbury Park on a sweltering, summer's day, The Charlatans return turbo-charged and classic with the sublime, simplistic whirl of romantic joy, 'Loving You Is Easy', this time sung by keyboardist Tony Rogers rather than regular nasal-whiner Tim Burgess (though we do love a bit o' Burgy).

And like prior efforts from 'Up At The Lake', it's a refined and entirely endearing piece of pop music that we are all too tragically deprived of these days; Lennon-evoking, without tiresomely emulating. The Charlatans remain a consistent, fantastical force - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They're either lying or loveless.

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