The Features - ‘Leave It All Behind’ (Universal)

17 Dec 2004

early effort from the brand-new, major-label tips from over the pond; release - '04.

The Features - 'Leave It All Behind'Presently warming up premier, bearded Southern drawlers Kings Of Leon on tour, The Features are a far more Technicolor prospect than once envisaged (anyone else noticed that garage-rock doesn't seem enough these days? Rejoice! It did get a bit much, didn't it?).

Psychedelic, time-warp organs, vintage guitars and begging vocals nestle in a pleading ode more suited to a bygone era than the present bustle of modern times, sure, but there's an exuberance and druggy warble that ensnares. So, retrogressive without losing sight or knack of partially infectious songcraft ensures The Features don't sail by too unimpressively. But there's still the nagging sense that we do need more.

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