The Futureheads - ‘Area’ (679)

20 Dec 2005

interim, stopgap 45-release from the geordie foursome... that new lp is in sight for the spring; release - '05.

The Futureheads - 'Area'It's a tactic that in days gone by was commonplace, you know - keeping within the public consciousness by simply carrying on writing and releasing rather than taking what's usually an all too lengthy silent hiatus to record an album. After all, when you've written something great, why sit on it? Bloc Party and Razorlight have both caught on, and now The Futureheads become the latest gang to add their support to the resurgence of the good old single.

The first of their efforts in a while to not sit safely amidst an album setting, 'Area' is the sound of a song relishing the fact that its existence is one entirely to itself. This is the sound of Sunderland's most jittery sons finally gunning for the charts, utilising a 'do do do' intro which far surpasses both the Zutons and the Ferdinand's attempts to nail the same trick.

This steady stream of output method is also a great way to chart development, and whilst this admittedly isn't a sonic million miles away from the sentiment of their fantastic debut, there's enough of a progression in the confidence of the songwriting evident to suggest whatever piece of the puzzle we're given next will be an even more stirring one.

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