The Horrors - Whole New Way (XL)

25 Nov 2009

“they seem to get what making music is all about now...”; release – ‘09


‘Whole New Way’ is just one of a dozen or so examples of how, through the album Primary Colours, The Horrors have matured ten-fold.  They seem to get what making music is all about now.  They’re experimenting; throughout the single are series of loops of all sorts, distortion, twinkles of the spacey synthesized keyboard… their attention to detail is quite pleasantly surprising.  The docile yet more-ish bass riff is what really tops it off.

With their first record, Strange House, they were very much testing the water as it were.  More niche than The Horrors are at present, their image, and not necessarily the music, appealed to a younger teenage audience; comic book heroes for the awkward adolescent- as such they could have been described.  Primary Colours is a less cartoonish development upon ‘Strange House’; The Horrors have moved from garishly dark to more intriguingly introspective, and this is evident when you listen to ‘Whole New Way’.

The song moves slightly out of the Joy Division-Bauhaus mould, to which the boys fit, in their second LP; this track is arguably more listenable than a lot of the songs on the album from which it has been released.  The current popular ‘80s revival trend clearly emerges through this single.  Faris concludes: “There is a whole new way now,/ Such power running through me”. This is just the start of an anthology of quite exciting pieces of music that The Horrors will make for as long as they are around.

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