The Killers - ‘Mr Brightside’ (Lizard King)

02 Jan 2004

indie-debut from tipped, vegas newcomers; release - '03.

The Killers - 'Mr Brightside'

Why the ominous title, lads; The Killers? Judging from lines harking to the effects of a fateful 'kiss' and a dreamy stadium-majesty, this is hardly the latest of an abundance of trendy macho-musos bustling to sign their lives away to the rock 'n' roll fleet-2K.

Recently snapped up by the Island/Def Jam Group, The Killers' debut is a scintillating marriage of ascending and flittering guitars, entwined with the sort of choral-elevation these days typified by a Strokes single, 80s synths elsewhere curiously reminiscent of a sombre Duran Duran. And if it weren't still ringing in your ears one play later, you'd be sceptical. But it's ringing there for a reason; succumb.

A potentially glorious future awaits - as do we, with open arms.

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