The Kills - Soho Revue Bar, London - 15/1/08

16 Jan 2008

"for all those curious about something other than the music, no, kate moss wasn't there. far more importantly though, no, they didn't play 'love is a deserter'..."

The Kills

It's OK to catch on late - so long as you catch on eventually. Personally, I've only really been following the rise of The Kills since seeing them support Bloc Party at Somerset House in 2005 when the duo delivered an electric performance - all PVC, breathy vocals and gently swaying rock star hair.

But of course many more than I have had their attention drawn to The Kills far more recently, as part of the duo - guitarist Jamie Hince (or 'Hotel') to be precise - has been in the limelight more than the other Kill, Alison Mosshart (VV) of late due to his relationship with model Kate Moss. Rarely a day goes by without the appearance of Hince in the celebrity pages of thelondonpaper, Metro or London Lite snapped at some location in Primrose Hill at 4am.

As for the music (and there are now three albums of it), you either love or hate the pop-blues-art-punk mess of The Kills. It is up to you. The band have moved on musically from their raw-as-grazed-knees 2003 debut Keep On Your Mean Side, and moved on even further from the blatant sexiness of their 2005 follow up No Wow. Yet they begin the set with the title track from the latter LP, Mosshart's vocals now reminiscent of the distant beauty of sometime Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico, but with a bit more fire and leopard print.

Alison looks like she loves the mixed audience she's playing to, which consists of Primal Scream's Bobbie Gillespie, a woman doing an impression of The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding, lots of women with Blondie handbags and a middle aged man wearing an 'Art Git' t-shirt. And a few hundred others.

Peppering the old hits, songs from their latest album Midnight Boom get an airing, including latest single 'U.R.A Fever'. Hince and Mosshart spar throughout their gritty set - thrusting and gyrating as if they mean ever thrust and gyration venomously, no more so than during early hit 'Fried My Little Brains'.

For all those curious about something other than the music, no, Kate Moss wasn't there. Far more importantly though, no, they didn't play 'Love is a Deserter.'

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