The Kills - ‘The Good Ones’ (Domino)

04 Feb 2005

vv and hotel return with the first taster of new material from their eagerly anticipated, second lp, 'no wow'; release - '05.

The Kills - 'The Good Ones'It's a comfort to see they're still moving on. Don't get us wrong; the minimalist garage of VV & Hotel had us enraptured on such glories as 'Fried My Little Brains', but the wonder was grating; where next?

'The Good Ones' is actually quite a step aside on the genre-globe; pulsing bassy keys (or is that just a weird guitar effect?) give the song a murky, sultry swagger. The whole affair owes blood money to alternative disco, the kind that maybe doesn't want to make you dance, but certainly get very drunk.

Perhaps its biggest problem, however, is that it doesn't quite know what it's meant to be doing. But yet it's certainly not a good one for the morning after a good one; the song is a splitting hangover: muggy and confused with occasional, jagged spats of guitar noise. Achingly you can hear the greatness behind every nonchalantly harmonised note, but your full attention is persistently elsewhere. Even then though, this song sparkles malevolently in the corner of your hearing, the low guitar grumble coming in under your subconscious radar... with a little more practice at putting their new pieces together The Kills could be moving out of one winning formula and straight into another.

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