The Maccabees & I Was A Cub Scout - York Fibbers - 21/5/07

02 Jun 2007

possibly the indiest thing that happened since someone from belle and sebastian last put on a cardigan.

If the Indie quotient was raised any higher this evening at York's venerable Fibbers venue, it'd surely be in violation of sort of safety code. The bill comprises two of the Indiest bands around (one of whom have one of the Indiest names ever) in one of the UK's Indiest locations, and compered by BBC 6 Music's Steve Lamacq, possibly the world's Indiest Man.

I Was A Cub Scout

The openers, the youthful Nottingham duo I Was A Cub Scout deal in classic teen angst, channelled through a glistening minimalist electronic prism. Tracks like the handclap-filled 'Part 2' and 'Pink Squares' resemble New Order stuck in a post AS-level malaise, whilst singer/guitarist Todd Marriott resembles a younger, more mullet'ed Badly Drawn Boy.

Regrettably, a series of technical glitches blight their set, and they end with the appropriately curmudgeonly 'I Hate Nightclubs' and Marriott chastising MySpace addicts in no uncertain terms.

The Maccabees

The Maccabees' Television-meets-The La's short, sharp, serrated jangle-pop has been winning over admirers nationwide, and they continue to draw plaudits this evening. Interspersing luscious melody with raggedy guitars, theirs is an enthused, animated stage presence, epitomised by frontman Orlando Weeks' restless croon.

'Happy Faces' is like Lee Mavers' erstwhile Merseybeat brigade sped up to a manic jitter, whilst 'All In Your Road' is a breathless pop firecracker. The dashing 'Precious Time' swoons poetically, proving that whilst tonight couldn't be much indier, these are a couple of its most promising new exponents.

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