The National - Boxer (Beggars Banquet)

30 Apr 2007

nothing makes us happier than allowing a writer to go completely off on one about how deliriously gleeful they are to have found a record; release - '07

The National - BoxerOne of the most underrated bands of all time, 'Boxer' is exactly what I had anxiously expected from The National - graceful, intricate, stunningly lonesome, beautifully desperate and fantastically desolate. It's the glass of red wine one drinks alone before bed. It's an old ticket stub found in the pocket of a late friends jacket, and every track sounds like it's been written for every individual separately.

I'm sentimental and woefully poetic, and I don't know where to begin complimenting 'Boxer'. These are 12 poignant tracks which combine dreamy imagery with romantic ideas of life's details to form loving tales both uplifting at some points and painfully desperate at others. There's a hollow sound to the violin which seems to pine for an ex lover and a comforting rhythm to the guitar which, when mixed with that exhilaratingly sensitive piano, uplifts and holds the listener in a life-intensifying trance.

It's everything I could possibly want from music - full, well composed (almost Nyman-esque in parts) with a haunting depth in the vocals reminiscent of Dylan, Cohen and Cash, but with a knowing quality of its own. I seriously contemplated giving up on listening to anything that hadn't at lest got something to do with The National, so much so that in order to get round to writing any other reviews I had to place a ban on this CD - a ban that lasted all of a day.

'Boxer' is absolutely, inconceivably outstanding. I fell in love with it the moment it broke my heart.

Download free tracks from 'Boxer' HERE.

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