The Official Secrets Act - Snakes and Ladders (Dead Hostess)

09 Jan 2008

"they know how to make some noise, and yet you could introduce them to your mother..."; release - '07

The Official Secrets Act - Snakes and Ladders'Snakes and Ladders', the debut release from youthful upstarts The Official Secrets Act, delights as much as it turns heads. With toothy guitars and almost military drumming, this travels at a raucous pace, effortlessly combining impassioned roars and Futureheads-when-brilliant vocal canons with razor sharp indie sensibilities. However, the band are not afraid to embrace the kind of aural space that gives this art-pop offering a pleasingly original and yet reassuringly English feel to it.

Their easily juxtaposing memes from an analogue era alongside catchy sing-along hooks, whilst maintaining a charming tunefulness, makes this the kind of song that defines summers of innocent hedonism and teenage love. The Official Secrets Act know how to make some noise, and yet you could introduce them to your mother. It's a confident and exultant first release to rival the best indie bands currently available; watch out for this lot.

Stream 'Snakes and Ladders' HERE.

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