21 Feb 2017

Adam Betts selects some of his favourite tracks including Swet Shop Boys, Pig Destroyer and Fleetwood Mac.

From his drumming for Three Trapped Tigers to his solo material, we love Adam Betts. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him back next month for a show at Shacklewell Arms after his ace set at a sold out Servant Jazz Quarters last year.

We asked Adam to select some of his favourite tracks for us and here's what he came up with:

Sophie - Vyzee. Just so bratty, but genius. The production is nuclear, and it has a rap that balances nonchalant, deliberately almost dead-eyed delivery with some light frothy lyrics about... i dunno, probably actually fizzy pop. I could listen to this song on loop all day and still not get tired. My girlfriend on the other hand....

Swet Shop Boys - Tiger Hologram. I was so thrilled to hear this album develop, with Redinho's euphoria at how loose, punk and creative the process had been. It's such a fresh exciting sound, and comes with a perspective that's new to me. Maybe the lyrics on this tune aren't the most socially conscious of the album, but the groove gets me nodding fiercely.

Lambchop - In Care Of 8675309. For a song that literally does the same thing for twelve minutes, this captures such a sublime warm melancholy that I'm engrossed from the top to the bottom. It's great to hear these guys at such a high point of there career so far in - inspiring!

Sheer Mag - Button Up. Been meaning to include this on one of these for a while. I've made my ears ring with this tune so many times. It captures the original euphoric feeling of the best 70's rock, but scuzzes it up to the point of no return - it gives it such an edge that despite it's classic rock leanings, no dad would enjoy this in B&Q (writes 35 year old man Adam Betts).

Fleetwood Mac - Sara. Really missed this whole album the first time, around but just dived in two footed and it's a winner. This track really stands out for having a great 70's cop show riff.

Ceephax Acid Crew Live at Intellighenzia Electronica, Milan 31​-​01​-​2015. Not enough live albums start with "Errrrrr, Hi...", but that's exactly what makes Ceephax Acid the bloody best. His show is one of my favourites of last year. If I have to narrow it down to one tune, it's The Legend Of Phaxalot.

The James Brown Band - Soul Pride Pts 1&2 - With Stubblefield sadly departing, I can pretend I'm revisiting this stuff, when actually I never ever stop listening to it, because it's pretty much perfect music. The drum break at 3:16 (nearly a religious moment for any drummers worth their salt) went on to become unbelievable music like Beep Street by Squarepusher. Slightly guff guitar solo though.

Pig Destroyer - Ghost Of A Bullet. Grindcore is a weird music, with it often being an intangible element to the band that makes it "good" - like all good heavy music, it needs to really smell, and have a bleakness to it. While the super short songs clearly are a bit of a gimmick, this old tune captures/creates a wild mood.

OneOhTrix Point Never - Mutant Standard. The Song Exploder podcast about Sticky Drama put me back on to this album, and it really has an (perhaps almost retro) futurism that makes me feel at home, reminding me of when I discovered the joyous noise of Aphex and Squarepusher. Singular and bold, with a lot of chaos.

Have a listen to Adam's selection here:

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