21 Jun 2016

Ahead of their DJ set at RFB clubnight Popular Culture this Friday, Black Honey singer Izzy Phillips gives us a peek into her record collection


The Playlist does what it says on the tin: a selection of songs picked by an artist with impeccable taste designed to educate, enlighten and open up your ears to some exciting new sounds.

This week, ahead of their DJ set at RFB clubnight Popular Culture on Friday, Brighton's most thrilling new hopes Black Honey dip into their record collections and emerge with some floor-filling gold.


The Champs, 'Tequila' 

Izzy Phillips [Vocals/ guitar] "Obviously this is the best song ever invented for tequila and dancing with friends."

My Bloody Valentine, 'Only Shallow' 

"It's like sex and violence all in one."

Jacques Dutronc, 'Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi' 

"My new obsession, when I first heard this song it felt like everything made sense. I would love to write a Black Honey spin on this kind of song."

Pixies, 'Debaser'

"This song is perfect. It tears me between the depressing notion that nothing as good as this will ever happen again and being elated that i exist in a world where this song happened."

Dick Dale, 'Riders in the Sky' 

"This will be the  movie montage part of the evening where drinks are slammed, deals are made, disputes erupt and the entrance doors swing in motion following a rush to the dance floor."

Blur, 'Song 2' 
"It's not Friday night without this song."

Mohammed Rafi, 'Jaan Pehechaan Ho' 
"This is the song where my more experimental dance moves will make an appearance, after spending a portion of my teenage years recreating the moves from the video."

Cornershop, 'Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)' 
"This is our back of the van banger. We put the disco lights on, tie up our stolen disco ball  and boogie amongst the cigarette butts & spilt beer on our way home. Usually from somewhere in Europe in the early hours of the morning."


Black Honey DJ The Finsbury for RFB's new clubnight Popular Culture this Friday (June 24), with live sets from Meatraffle, Goat Girl and Nofriendz. Tickets here:


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