THE PLAYLIST: Chastity Belt

08 Apr 2016

Chastity Belt's Julia Shapiro talks us through the 10 tracks making her tick right now


The Playlist does what it says on the tin: a ten track selection of songs picked by an artist with impeccable taste designed to educate, enlighten and open up your ears to some exciting new sounds. This week, Chastity Belt's Julia Shapiro digs into her iPod and emerges with some gut-punching gems from across the decades.


Light Asylum, 'A Certain Person'
"This song is tight. It sounds like it could've come out a few decades ago, even though it's only a few years old. Danceable, but chill at the same time."

OMD, 'Souvenir'
"I'm a big fan of OMD. This song sounds really meaningful. It makes me feel stuff. I love songs that make me feel."

When Saints Go Machine, 'Order'
"This band was playing in a store in Utrecht when we were touring there last fall. My friend asked a person working there what it was, then we looked them up later, found this song and became obsessed with it. They're from Denmark."

Three Days Grace, 'I Hate Everything About You'
"We got really into this song on our last tour. Listened to it about 50 times, along with 'Last Resort' by Papa Roach. It's a really good way to get some aggression out."

The Cure, 'Siamese Twins'
"This is one of my favorite Cure songs. It's so dark. I love the drum beat. I got really into The Cure in middle school when I was going through my mall goth phase."

New Order, 'Dreams Never End'
"One of my favorite New Order songs. Early New Order is tight cause it sounds a bit more like Joy Division. I love the intro to this song."

Hinds, 'San Diego'
"These gals are great. We just played a show with them in Seattle a week or so ago. They have a great stage chemistry, and just seem really chill and nice. Really cool gals!"

Frankie Cosmos, 'On The Lips'
"I've been listening to Frankie Cosmos' new album a lot. It just came out and it's so good!"

Alex G, 'Kicker'
"One of my favorite bands right now. We just saw them play in Seattle and the songwriting reminds me a little bit of a modern day Elliott Smith, which is tight."

Lucinda Williams, 'Drunken Angel'
"I love Lucinda Williams. She has such a distinctive voice. I saw her in Olympia about a year ago and was blown away. This song is one of my favorites of hers."


Chastity Belt play The Dome on Friday 6th May with support from Tuff Love, Boys Forever and Sub Pop vs City Slang DJs. Tickets on sale now:

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