THE PLAYLIST: Gilligan Moss

12 May 2016

The up and coming duo give us a taste of the tracks filling their heads right now


The Playlist does what it says on the tin: a ten track selection of songs picked by an artist with impeccable taste designed to educate, enlighten and open up your ears to some exciting new sounds. This week, emerging electronic duo Gilligan Moss dig into their iPods and emerges with some eclectic gems from across the decades.


Roman Flugel - '9 Years (Koze Remix)'
"The original melody is beautiful, but somehow the rhythm that Koze adds to the song ratchets the beauty up.  We saw him play this at Coachella after an extended run of sparse bass/drum heavy tracks.  The chords from this song were the first melodic bits to hit the room in what felt like over an hour -- it was the ultimate release.  The guy is endlessly inspiring."

Ela Minus - 'Volcan'
"We listened to this a lot the last time we went upstate to write. It's quirky and fun & is put together in a really spritely way."

Loose Meat - 'Edge of Love'
"There is an uncanny weirdness to this track - none of the timbres by themselves seem out of place but when put together they create a wooziness."

Yoke Lore - 'Hold Me Down'
"We've been working with Adrian and his melodies and lyrics are high powered.  A lot of songs don't have dynamics anymore - this one is quiet at times and also loud. Volume is a powerful tool."

Sheryl Crow - 'Everyday is a Winding Road'
"This song is a low key dance party favorite. There are some weird noises in there and Sheryl is a queen."

David Bowie - 'Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)'
"Special, special remix.  The arrangement is what grabs me on this one."

Mgmt - 'Flash Delirium'
"'Congratulations' is a criminally underrated album. This is another one where the arrangement is incredible."

Paul McCartney - 'Temporary Secretary'
"Mind blowing that this song came from Paul.  Such a weird, captivating song."

Hans Zimmer - 'You're So Cool'
"Music that can alter moods"


Gilligan Moss co-headline The Pickle Factory alongside Bayonne on Tuesday, May 17th. Tickets available here:

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