14 Jun 2016

The rising LA star gives us the lowdown on the tracks making her tick


The Playlist does what it says on the tin: a ten track selection of songs picked by an artist with impeccable taste designed to educate, enlighten and open up your ears to some exciting new sounds. This week, ahead of her headline show at Birthdays next week, everyone's favourite new LA singer Hana (everyone being Grimes, Lana Del Rey, Christine and the Queens and the list goes on...) gives us her perfect pop choices.


Beyonce - 'Sorry'


"I haven't been able to listen to much else other than 'Lemonade' since it came out in April. I have so many favorites from the album but I come back to this one the most, especially pre-show to get pumped. It's just such a fun song and the vocal performance and production (which she does herself) is perfect."

Rihanna - 'Love On The Brain'

"Yes. Yes. I just cannot believe how incredible the tone of Rihanna's voice is. She lets it rip in this song, you can tell that she LOVES to sing this song. There is so much story and emotion behind every word. Another that I listen to before a show to warm up."

Christine and the Queens - 'Narcissus Is Back'

"I was SO lucky to open for her a couple months back and I honestly can't put into words how insanely beautiful/inspiring/powerful she and her show is. Every song on her album is beautiful - this is a favorite of mine because I love the lyrics and I'm a sucker for kalimba."

Tei Shi - 'Go Slow'

"Another person I had the privilege to open for! Valerie is such a kind soul and makes the most gorgeous music!! After seeing her live for the first time, this was the one I had to go home and listen to immediately. It's such an earworm."

Madonna - 'Frozen'

"One of my all-time favorite songs ever. Period."

Blood Orange - 'Chamakay'

"I'm in love with Caroline Polachek's vocals on this. Her voice is heaven to me. I can't get enough of how she works it on this song. It sounds like the most beautiful trumpet (?) I've ever heard. She really plays around with using her voice as an instrument here and I have been obsessed for the last couple years. Also, just a very, very catchy song."

Miles Davis - 'Bitches Brew'

"We have been listening to a lot of jazz lately and doing creative writing. The soundscapes here tell so many haunting stories and I get endless inspiration here musically and lyrically."

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - 'Candy Candy'

"A near-perfect pop song. The mix is incredible. Her producer Yasutaka Nakata is a genius."

Lana Del Rey - 'Music To Watch Boys To'

"I worship Lana. One of the most incredible and captivating true artists of our time. I could listen to this song on repeat forever. Also the video is one of my favorites from the last year."

Fever Ray - 'Triangle Walks'

"I have loved this album since it came out and am constantly going back to it. The soundscapes really inspire me."


Hana plays Birthdays on June 21st. Tickets on sale now:

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