THE PLAYLIST: The Mystery Lights

13 Feb 2017

The Mystery Lights share some of their favourite tracks with us ahead of their show at The Lexington

Three of the Daptone signed garage rockers, The Mystery Lights, have put together a playlist of their favourite tracks for us ahead of their show at The Lexington

Mike's picks:

Hailu Mergia - Tche Belew
One song/record that hasn't gotten old to me yet! Real groovy instrumental Ethiopian soul/jazz recorded in 77' with Haliu Mergia leading the band (The Walias) on the keyboard. Many really nice sounds on this record, I highly recommend you check out the entire album! For the last 20 years he has actually been driving an airport taxicab in Washington D.C., and in between pick up and drop offs, he goes in the backseat on a little keyboard he keeps in the back and plays.

Wendy Rene - After Laughter (comes tears)
This song has it all for me personally. Sounds like she's singing her heart out by herself in her bedroom ... you feel like she's in the room with you, it's so present and powerful. The way she delivers the lyrics.... so good . Gives me chills...

Doc Watson - Hick's Farwell
The version from the record "There Is No Eye: Music for Photographers" specifically.
This song also gives me chills. Apparently it was written just before the civil war by a very sick missionary baptist teacher who thought he was going to die, so he wrote the words and the music to this song for his family, and sent it to his wife in hopes that one day it might be published. Funny part of the story is he ended up living haha

Phyllis Dillon - Make Me Yours
This song is groovy, the sounds are soooo nice. Classic, timeless , great melodies, makes me feel like things are lookin up.

Can - Mushroom
This song is extremely dynamic. The drums really make it for me (as is usually the case for all CAN songs). The music and vocals together goes from a nice and mellow delivery then gets suddenly aggressive, then they take it back down and groove on these back and forth ominous notes. So damn good. This band blows my mind how in tune they are with each other. So tight.

Lee Moses - Bad Girl
This song is very similar to the Wendy Rene song "After Laughter". I love those three chords together and the way the band soulfully strums along to that sporadic groovy beat the drummer is Laying down. The way Lee gives that little speech in the beginning then screams "baaaaaad giiiiiirl", you can just feel it.

Bronx River Parkway - Mi Corazon
This song is extremely captivating. When those drums come in, and the whole band tightly pulls together and  grooves on those two notes. It feels nice, contemplative. I just space out to that instrumental. Sometimes I hum my own lyrics and melody to the music

Al's picks:

Bo Diddley - Pretty Thing
Everything about this song is perfect. The simplistic rhythm of the drums riding on the tom and shaking makes you dance immediately and then when his guitar and vocals come in, it culminates into the ideal blues jam. I have no idea how he gets that guitar tone but its chunky and unlike any other guitar player. This song should play at every wedding.

Q65 - The Life I Live
I love the dynamics in the drums, the chilling eerie vocals and obviously the twangy guitar sound. The modulation in the chorus is really cool.

Suburban Lawns - Janitor
This song is just so weird, in the best way. Su Tissue has the strangest sounding voice and her lyrics are tripped out. The instrumentation is tough the whole song is two chords.

Neil Young - Unknown Legend
Super simple love song that is lyrically amazing. One if my favorite choruses ever. ("Somewhere on a desert highway, she rides a Harley Davidson, with her long blond hair blowing in the wind...")

The Fall - Psycho Mafia
The hard driving drums and bass deliver a punch in the face while Mark E Smith moans and groans over weird keyboard sounds (a toy piano?)

Black Merda - Reality
This song grooves so hard and has some nice soulful vocals that I always sing along with. I love how the drums and bass drop right after that little guitar riff.

L.A.'s picks:

Nancy Dupree - What Do I Have
Rochester New York school teacher leading her students in beautifully groovy songs with nothing but a piano and a group of students singing empowering lyrics in an era of US racism and civil rights struggles.  True, honest ingredients make this record one of the best I have ever heard.  

Sun ra - Enlightenment
Captivating bass line with amazing group vocals.  Slightly eerie, perfectly strange and otherworldly. Space jazz. French TV version is my favorite

Otis G Johnson - honest , mesmerizing...nothing Fancy.  Just Otis and his organ with built in drum machine singing songs about the Lord.  Makes your ear drums feel high

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