The Rakes - ‘Retreat’ (Moshi Moshi)

02 May 2005

third indie 45 to date from the london foursome, and it's verging on 'dancefloor classic'; release - '05.

The Rakes - 'Retreat''Retreat' is a compact, delicious slab of frantic post-punk guitar jittering. It starts off like 'Transmission' and quickly runs into Lena Lovich territory. It's a tight London ode to hedonism and a lifestyle of constant indulging, with a chorus that could round off with a 'one, two, three, oy!'

Like The Jam at their best, the severe and spiky beat marches on to a crescendo that leaves you gasping for pure oxygen, and there's a political sensibility to match. Stick it on and just leave it there. The proposed summer release of their debut album could herald Big Things.

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