THE RECOMMENDER: Bill Ryder-Jones On Trudy & The Romance

24 Jun 2016

The former Coral guitarist turned solo star tells us why Trudy & the Romance are the ones you should be falling for.

The Recommender is a regular RFB feature where we get established musical hotshots to tip their favourite, less well-known acts: an internet-based passing on of the baton, if you will.

This week, Bill Ryder-Jones - The Coral's former wunderkind guitarist turned solo heartbreaker - tips us on Liverpool's most doe-eyed new treasures Trudy & the Romance. Having produced the majority of the band's early tracks, as well as their forthcoming EP, Bill's been around since the start, watching the unlikely lads' first steps as a wonderfully idiosyncratic group that stand apart from their peers in almost every way. Let him tell you how..."

Bill: "I'd seen Trudy's name around and thought to myself that it sounded cool, and then someone from Childhood mentioned them around the time that they reached out to us too.

I first rang them when they were just finishing uni a couple of years ago. I remember speaking to Ollie [Taylor, vocals] on the phone – he's a real cheeky little weirdo, but he's so loveable. He's got a really nice demeanour; I remember really enjoying speaking to him on the phone but always coming away from the calls thinking that I hadn't said anything I was meant to say. We just started talking about the early 90s and shit films they wanted to watch; I was just interested by them as a collective."

"In all honesty, they were what they are from the start. The frame of reference they gave me for what they wanted to sound like was Disney films and Frank Sinatra and all this really overblown, sweet, romantic stuff. And then they came in and played these really trashy, jazz inversions and they still think they sound like Disney. It reminds me of The Coral, because we thought we sounded like Ennio Morricone, and we just sounded like weirdos who liked him. That's what they're like: they think someone might put them on a playlist next to the soundtrack from the animated version of Robin Hood and it's not gonna happen but they don't see it like that.

What I love as well is that they shouldn't sound like they do. Two of them come from Chesterfield, one's from Bolton and there's no way they should be into Disney and stuff. That's what I love about them – it just shouldn't happen. Normally bands just have records that they wanna sound like, but with these guys we talked a lot about crap telly and things. The artwork they have reminds me of the bit in Grease when he's stranded at the drive-in and there's that film playing. They've tapped into this really sweet teenage love thing and they're really pulling it off. Also the fact that there's only three of them and they're making such a din. People have said to me it sounds a bit like The Libertines live; it's all trashy, but then they play so quietly at times. The dynamics really take you away."


"For the last 10 or 15 years bands have shied away from musicianship after The Strokes really, who - don't get me wrong - I love. People don't want to be seen to be trying, but these guys really work hard and as far as musicality is concerned some of the things they do are quite hard to get my head around. It's not within my frame of understanding. 

They're really easy to produce because, to be honest, there's very little to do. You're just trying to capture something of their joyousness and they're all so fucking lovely, all I really do is sit around telling jokes."


Trudy headline The Victoria on July 12 with support from Her's and Puma Blue. Tickets on sale now

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