THE RECOMMENDER: Slaves on Spring King

18 Mar 2016

Slaves' singer Isaac Holman on the punchy brilliance of the Manchester band


The Recommender is a regular RFB feature where we get established musical hotshots to tip their favourite, less well-known acts: an internet-based passing on of the baton, if you will.

This week, Isaac Holman - frontman of Royal Tunbridge Wells' finest sons Slaves - is backing former tourmates Spring King. The two bands have some major things in common: singing drummers, punk spirit and the capacity to write a total high-energy earworm for starters. But here, Isaac explains why Zane Lowe's favourite new band are way more than just another notch on indie's bedpost.

“We personally chose Spring King to come on tour with us. I can't remember how we first found out about them, but we've always been fans of theirs and it went down swimmingly. Laurie had seen them a  couple of times but I was new to the experience and straight away I was a fan.

At all the shows on the tour there were a lot of people in the crowd who already knew who they were. Normally when you're a support band you spend a decent portion of the gig trying to win over a crowd who aren't there to see you, but it felt like every gig there was a buzz about them already even though they were on first. We had a lot of good nights with Spring King. If you're spending two weeks with someone every day you want to get on with them. We don't wanna be working with anyone that we wouldn't wanna go for a beer with and be friends with and Spring King are that exactly. They're lovely people and we're good friends.

Tarek's the lead singer and he's also the drummer which is obviously something I could relate to and enjoy watching because, apart from myself, I haven't really seen that done before.


With new bands, I always just look for energy; I don't care about genres and neither does Laurie [Vincent, Slaves guitarist]. If they've got energy and charisma, it doesn't matter and Spring King just have really surfy, punchy, upbeat, punky good vibes. 'City' was one of their first tracks that came out and that's a really great introduction, but 'Who Are You' and 'Better Man' are great as well. 'City' has so much energy; it's fast paced and keeps going and I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate it. It's a bloody banger.

I don't think I've even got any advice for Spring King, I think they're nailing it. If they just keep on doing what they're doing, they're gonna take over the world. I think Tarek's a bit of a genius really. The tunes are just so on point. I can't fault them.”


Spring King headline the Scala on May 26th. Tickets on sale now:

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