The Rumble Strips - Time (Fallout / Island)

18 Dec 2007

"sort of melodramatic and a bit silly, and a bit serious (but not really)..."; release - '07

The Rumble Strips - TimeThere's something very gorgeous and buoyant about this song. It's funny, because a minute ago I was listening to 'Make It Wit Chu' by Queens of the Stone Age and thinking, I want to pass out on a big bed and have a pillow fight, and then I found the Rumble Strips video - where the band all pass out on a bed and play their guitars etc lying down, or the lead passes out and sings... anyway, there's something of that sensation in the song, of passing out quite happily, with a faded light and dusky air.

It's sort of melodramatic and a bit silly, and a bit serious (but not really). It's a song that wraps around you like a sheet, so that light pours in all bleached by the white fabric, luminous slumber.

I think it's my bedtime already.

Watch the video to 'Time' on Rockfeedback HERE.

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