The Twilight Sisters - A Stitch in Time (One Little Indian)

16 Dec 2006

rockfeedback guesses these are the kind of people who wear hats; release - '06

Twilight Sisters - A Stitch In TimeI have no idea whether this band knows that there are only 2 things that stop them from being the most middle of the road band in the world, and that's the fact that they are utterly miserable, and that Brian Adams isn't utterly miserable.

O.K., that's enough about instant reactions. The important thing to remember is that a band that does invoke that sort of instant reaction do require closer inspection. The first thing that hits you about The Twilight Sisters are the arrogant vocals, the kind that regardless of what words they're actually uttering seem to be saying 'I've lived my life, and all that matters to me is a girl with a hat and card games'.

Furthermore, no adult should ever be addressed as child. That's wrong. They're adults. On the other hand, the singer could be asking a child to come live with him, and I certainly wouldn't trust a guy that wears a hat with a child. Never. I have to stress that I don't know if this guy wears a hat, but he might as well the way his voice sounds. Come the second song they're starting to get a bit sexy, but it reminds me of that awful love scene in Nicholas Roeg's 'Don't Look Now'. Neither thing is at all sexy, it's just a bit unnerving and goes on too long.

The band do explore a myriad of styles and there are obviously some talented people in the ranks. In fact, there are quite a few bits that are musically rather clever, such as the arrangements being very well executed with the drums playing very understated rolling, slowly building parts, the bass doing something very similar on top whilst the keyboards fill out the whole of the background, with the guitars taking lead when there is a lull in the vocals, providing the repetition that it needs to be very easily palatable. Then the vocalist just lays whatever he wants over the top and it almost sounds convincing. Problem is, this can easily be achieved just by copying a million other bands.

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