The Vaccines - Post Break Up Sex (Sony)

15 Feb 2011

“maybe i’ve missed something..?”; release – 2011


Tarred by the dreaded brush of hype, it’s always going to be tough for a new band as they have to live up to a name that they haven’t even created for themselves yet. With quotes flying around like “the saviours of modern day Rock n’ Roll” you could well see why I might be expecting something different, exciting and… well… I guess a bit profound?

Unfortunately ‘Post Break-up Sex’ leaves one a bit flat and disappointed. It’s “alright”… but that’s about it. There is an infectious chorus, but mainly as a result of its background droning than due to sheer brilliance. There is very much a Ramones-eque melodic punk feel to their music, but I can’t see that this clear influence has been taken and built upon to make it their own. 

I can’t even say on the flip side that lyrically the song is so clever that the minus on the musical content is met by a plus to counteract. The chorus meets you with “post break-up sex that helps you forget your ex, what did you expect from post break-up sex?”, a story of the guilt consuming one in this precarious situation, but there is no subtlety to even tempt the listener to use their imagination.

B side ‘We’re Happening’ however has more to offer with the melodious punk providing an observational social scene assessment, making a more instantaneous impact.

You know what, maybe I’ve missed something? I’m sure The Vaccines put on a good live show, but on this single alone... I’m not sure what all the fuss is about?

The Vaccines – Post Break-Up Sex by UniversalMusicPublishing

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