Theoretical Girl - The Hypocrite (Salvia / XL)

18 Dec 2007

"simple, clever and chic: a stylish little song from an elegant amy turnidge..."; release - '07

Theoretical Girl - The HypocriteSimple, clever and chic: a stylish little song from an elegant Amy Turnidge: I like it.

Her low-key minimalism and sultry vocals make the record a Chanel suit of a pop track: a sound with an implicit sense of style and an expression sung clearly - no need for elaboration or embellishment - just a song about a hypocrite by a girl who was fooled.

The video is also worth a mention: like shoes to the handbag, it matches the song in style and elegance - black and white, stark and yet subtle - striking but secretive. There's just something about it, a je ne sais quoi, that has me humming along and reaching for the eyeliner.

Watch the video to 'The Hypocrite' HERE.

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