Thomas Truax puts Sister Spinsters up for sale!

14 Dec 2007

Thomas Truax (right) and Sister Spinster (left)

There's a lot more to Thomas Truax than just the curious machines he utilises to create his songs, but as this year's performance at our own Basement Club showed, that's certainly the first thing you'll notice about the world's most delightfully dark one man band (well, maybe his trousers). Yet Truax knows this, and plays up to it, which makes the whole thing feel OK. He then plays you some brilliant songs on them.

Drum machines such as the clockwork Sister Spinster (pictured above, with its owner and creator) have long been a thing of wonder amongst Truax fans, and now, due to popular demand, T.T.'s put a very limited number of mini yet fully functional replicas on sale. Says Truax, the items are "individually built by yours truly from a mix of found, one-of-a-kind plastic and metal parts I've been collecting over the years as well as more commonly available hardware and special bits, so though there will be a family similarity, they'll all have a unique personality. Could be a coffee table curiosity or an exciting mantelpiece decoration, or perhaps something to play your ukulele to."

"The first of the few I'll be offering for sale is called Wild Jane. She stands about 6" tall and plays a mean galloping rhythm. She also lights up. No need to feed or water her (though you might have to replace the batteries at some point). I'm going to make a recording of each one before they leave home, so there's a chance that those recordings may eventually show up somewhere on one of my future albums."

To see a movie of 'Wild Jane' in action, head towards THIS PLACE. And to make a Truax fan very happy this Christmas, you can bid on the first of these mini-spinsters HERE.

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