Three New Ideas from Michael Harounoff #3: Weird Dreams, The History of Apple Pie + Fanzine

15 Nov 2010

this week’s new bands make mike think of happier times, home, good food, friends, the kind words of well meaning relatives, the innocence of youth, that kind of thing.



Fanzine are all about everything before the year 2000, a time when the world (albeit through my then-9-year-old eyes) was a joyful and happy place to be, a place where people made music to reflect upon the reality of their own world as opposed to feeling a circumstantial anger over which they have no real control. Amidst everybody else being pissed off at everything post 2000, Fanzine are still singing about things as seemingly quaint as girls and their own feelings. But this is far from insular, as I know one day coming out the radio will be a track like ‘Tough’, and my dad will look at me and nod, and I’ll look at him and return the gesture, like we used to do before 2000 when I was opening presents as opposed to cans of worms.

Fanzine - Susan by ITCManchester


The History of Apple Pie have that thing going on right now that only happens to a few truly special bands - people adore them before they’ve even heard them (something to do with that name?), and then when they do hear them, they’re absolutely blown away. As is the running theme throughout these posts, due to the current musical climate, everything even slightly enjoyable does have a bit of nostalgia to it - but The History Of Apple Pie don’t just hold significance because they’re a reminder of the past, they hold significance because amidst our current hang ups, people will delight in the fact that these are amongst the strongest songs they’ll have heard in a long, long time.

The History of Apple Pie - Mallory by eardrums


Weird Dreams are the total package. In a musical climate where new bands often stick too close to a certain aesthetic, which in turn leads to creating an initial series of songs all very similar in arrangement and personality, this bunch have gone back to basics, they’ve written the love song, the one you can dance to and the total crushing heartbreaker, whilst still managing to keep their heads and sound like themselves as opposed to those that came before them.

Summer Black by Weird Dreams

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