VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Wooze - I’ll Have What She’s Having

18 Mar 2019

Fresh from playing an incredible RFB show on Friday, Wooze have just shared a new video

'I'll Have What She's Having' is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut EP ‘what’s on your mind’, set for release on 3rd May by nascent label Young Poet Records.

“This video is our third by Korean director and close collaborator Nuri Jeong. We filmed it over two nights in an Incheon "colatek" - a daytime disco for elderly Koreans who go there to dance and solicit affairs before they return home in time to cook dinner. Thematically the video is in line with the song, in that it's about the grass being greener on the other side from the perspective of someone standing on a circle. The fact that on the surface this is a video about cheating couples on a double date is in many ways irrelevant as the ending of the video will highlight. As the narrative progresses time unravels, identities split and the contours of reality, and what constitutes reality, blur” -  WOOZE

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