04 Aug 2016

With Visions festival fast approaching, we turn the spotlight on some of the acts gracing its stages


There's just two days to go until Visions Festival 2016 takes a hold of Hackney and fills it to the brim with a gloriously diverse platter of live music for your delectation.

To get you in the mood, we're turning the spotlight on one artist a day until we open up the gates - and don't forget to get your advance tickets from See you on Saturday August 6th!

WHO: ESG - pioneering underground dance innovators.

WHERE: St. John at Hackney, 7.45pm

CREDENTIALS: When it comes to all-round influencers, the Bronx group are at the top of the chart. Crossover hit 'UFO' is one of the most sampled tracks ever, while their reach extends from hip-hop to post punk to disco.

WHAT THEY SAY: "We just went out there trying to create a new sound and do our own thing. The thing that I am always appreciating is that we helped to open it up for other women to get in the business. I appreciate starting out in 1979 and still being here at 2015, because I know how hard it was, as a woman. I been through a lot of crap, but to be able to ride the bumps and still do your thing and still be respected in this industry... that's a lot." (The Quietus, 2015)

WHY PICK THEM? This year's Visions Festival is buzzing with exciting new emerging acts, but half of them wouldn't even be here without ESG. In terms of tracing your music taste back to its roots, it's likely you'll come to these guys in the end.

FOR FANS OF: The Slits, LCD Soundsystem

TRY THIS: 'My Love For You' has cowbells that James Murphy would be proud to call his own.



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