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22 Jul 2013

We start our countdown to Visions Festival with a look at one of the most exciting new guitar bands on the line-up, Childhood.



Childhood Visions Festival

Photo: Alex Sutherland

With less than three weeks left until Rockfeedback Concerts' inaugural Visions Festival, excitement levels in RFB HQ are getting dangerously high. So in the build up to the festival we're previewing one artist a day from our illustrious line-up. Today we're throwing the spotlight on Childhood.

Ben Hopcraft and Leo Dobsen bonded over a love of Deerhunter, drunken jams and a mutual respect for their individual songwriting. Having formed Childhood with no preconceptions about where the project could take them, the University friends were surprised when their first demos started gaining plaudits from bloggers and quickly re-evaluated their expectations, recruiting band members and redoubling their efforts. It didn't take long for Childhood to reach full maturity and develop into one of the most exciting new guitar bands around at the moment. 

In the run up to their appearance at Visions Festival on 10th August, RFB went back into the archives to dig up an interview with the band from earlier this year where Ben and Leo open up about their formation, famous friends and plans for the future. 

For people that aren't already familiar with Childhood, can you tell us a little bit about where you come from and how you came into being?

Ben: I met Leo at Uni in Nottingham and made him play guitar... It mainly started from just listening to music together really. We'd get drunk and come back to his room and jam. We had a few ideas from these jam sessions and then independently made demos and sent them to each other and they all kind of sounded similar.

What kind of music were you sharing? What bands did you connect over?

Leo: I think the first band we both agreed on were Deerhunter. That was our main attraction point.

B: I'd been listening to the Byrds quite a lot and then we'd listen to a lot of nineties stuff like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and a lot of Ride actually. I was quite big on Ride when I first met Leo. Things like that. It was quite good because there was some common ground in some of the newer stuff but it was quite nice to get into that and see what we could come up with.

One of your milestones as a band was touring with Palma Violets last year, how did that relationship come about?

L: I can't actually remember. I think it was when we played some terrible gig at Hoxton Bar & Grill about a year and a half or two years ago now. Chilly came along and he basically got really drunk and said that he wanted to manage us. Then we heard nothing from him for six months and then suddenly we hear there's this new band called Palma Violets who are causing quite a stir. We just met up with them and developed a friendship from there really.

And how was the tour?

B: That tour was great, going to towns that we would never visit leisurely and to have a reaction from people...

L: The best gigs were in all the proper punk venues like Middlesbrough Social Club, and Central Station in Wrexham.

B: And the crowds were a great mix of old punks coming down to see what Palma Violets are all about and a bunch of excited kids who'd seen them on the cover of NME. Most people had never heard of us before and so to get a good crowd reaction which we did most of the time was great.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you're working on at the moment?

L: We're just demoing the album at the moment. We're not recording anywhere, we're just demoing. We've got quite a few tracks that we've had on the internet a few times in the past and we're going to use those as a good fifty percent of the album, it'll be fifty fifty new and old. Fifty percent classics and fifty percent club bangers.

Tickets for Visions Festival are on-sale now and can be purchased here.

Read the full interview with Childhood here. Listen to 'Solemn Skies', the latest single from Childhood, below. 

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