Visions Festival 2016 in Polaroids

12 Aug 2016

Photographer Charlotte Patmore gives us a snapshot of the goings on at this year's bash


Can you believe it's already been nearly a week since Visions opened its doors and tore Hackney a new one? We're still reeling, while also shedding a little nostalgic tear for the good times.

Thankfully, however, hot shot photographer Charlotte Patmore (@voteforpatmore) was on hand to document the day in suitably stylish fashion. Here's a selection of Polaroids taken across the event, featuring some of our favourite acts of the day.

Thanks to the Impossible Project for supplying us with all the lush film and generally fighting the good fight.


Gengahr in a stairwell, living that glamorous indie rock'n'roll dream.

The gals from Bleached raaawkin' out. Riot grrl 2016, let's go.


20% of Ulrika Spacek

Show Me The Body: punk as fuck

Dream Wife singer Rakel wins sassiest top of the day.

Meatraffle don't compromise - musically or in terms of eyewear.



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