Visions Festival Illustrated by Gabriel Bruce

05 Aug 2016

Ahead of Visions tomorrow, Gabriel Bruce shows us his artistic skills


Visions Festival is almost upon us - one more sleep and we'll be in Hackney's bosom, feasting upon its plethora of musical delights.

One of said delights comes in the form of baritone-vocaled sensation Gabriel Bruce, who'll be playing Moth Club at 2pm.

We checked in with the man himself ahead of his set and also asked him to pen some original art based on a couple of his fellow festival performers.

Check 'em out below

Young Fathers

You just released your new album ‘Come All Sufferers’, what new additions can VISIONS go-ers expect from your set?
The set will be almost completely made up of material from the new record. I've always liked to just play the most recent material live.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
We sing 'Dark Fantasy' by Kanye as a vocal warm up.

Who are you looking forward to catching at VISIONS?
The Japanese House, my dear friend Freddy who played on my record plays drums and I haven't seen them yet. Mykki Blanco, Young Fathers and Pumarosa too.

Any other plans for the day? Will you be participating in Black Metal Yoga or swinging by the Dog Show?
Yes. Yes to both.

The Japanese House

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