25 Jul 2016

With Visions festival fast approaching, we turn the spotlight on some of the acts gracing its stages


There's less than two weeks to go until Visions Festival 2016 takes a hold of Hackney and fills it to the brim with a gloriously diverse platter of live music for your delectation.

To get you in the mood, we're turning the spotlight on one artist a day until we open up the gates - and don't forget to get your advance tickets from See you on Saturday August 6th!

WHO: Anna Calvi - Mercury-nominated singer with a vocal that could trigger a small earthquake 

WHERE: Oval Space

CREDENTIALS: Both of Calvi's critically-acclaimed records (2011's self-titled debut and 2013 follow up 'One Breath') have been given the nod by the Mercury panel. She's also been invited on tour by the master of miserabilia himself Morrisey, as well as receiving early support from two of modern music's greatest sonic forces - Nick Cave and Brian Eno.

WHAT SHE SAYS: (On being described by one reviewer as "scary"): "It is funny because I don't see myself like that, but when you're being really strong and forceful there's a sense of wildness that perhaps could feel scary. But I don't mind it. I'd prefer someone to describe me as that, rather than… boring.” (Independent, 2013)

WHY PICK HER? If you like your headliners with a dramatic flourish of the gothic noir, then Calvi's the gal for you. Belying her diminuituve stature with a gargantuan vocal and the sensual, emotionally-charged atmosphere of a sonic Argentine tango, Calvi is both guitar virtuoso and flaming frontwoman, painting a brilliantly theatrical scene with every song.

FOR FANS OF: Nick Cave, PJ Harvey

TRY THIS: Early track Jezebel is still a live favourite.



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