27 Jul 2016

With Visions festival fast approaching, we turn the spotlight on some of the acts gracing its stages


There's less than two weeks to go until Visions Festival 2016 takes a hold of Hackney and fills it to the brim with a gloriously diverse platter of live music for your delectation.

To get you in the mood, we're turning the spotlight on one artist a day until we open up the gates - and don't forget to get your advance tickets from See you on Saturday August 6th!

WHO: Dream Wife - power London-Brighton-Iceland trio fusing effortlessly hooky 80s pop smarts with bad ass riot grrl delivery

WHERE: Oval Space, 1.45pm

CREDENTIALS: NME, DIY and more heap praise on 'em by the bucketload; The Kills have just taken them out on tour and the one and only Vivienne Westwood just got them to be part of her latest collection campaign. Dream Wife are essentially the new face of punk-hearted youth. 

WHAT THEY SAY: "We just love to rock, and these newer tracks give us the power to do that. Most of our main influences are, at heart, rock bands, so it’s only natural," (Drunken Werewolf, 2016)

WHY PICK THEM? Dream Wife are the real deal, the whole package and every other X Factor-style superlative you want to lavish on them. They will make you want to be in their band. They will make you want to start a band. They will make you want to coat yourself in glitter, quit your job and begin a revolution. Plus they're really bloody fun.

FOR FANS OF: Grimes, Peaches

TRY THIS: 'Hey Heartbreaker' is a perfect pop song with a bite



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