02 Aug 2017

With Visions festival fast approaching, we turn the spotlight on some of the acts gracing its stages


Visions Festival 2017 is fast approaching, taking a hold of Hackney and filling it to the brim with a gloriously diverse platter of live music for your delectation.

To get you in the mood, we're turning the spotlight on the artists that fill the bill  - don't forget to get your advance tickets from See you on Saturday 5 August!

WHO: Frankie Cosmos - Off-beat singer-songwriting prodigy Greta Kline.

LATEST RELEASE: Next Thing (2016)

WHAT THEY SAY: "I think songs have to be really worth it if they’re going to be longer than a few minutes. It’s a millennial thing, I don’t know."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: "Inspired by K Records' offbeat ethos, Frank O'Hara's poignant poetry, and the infinite tapestry that is New York City, songwriting prodigy Greta Kline uses her music to chronicle life's little hurts, empowering herself in the process." - Pitchfork

"She’s known for being super-prolific; for years, she recorded songs in her bedroom, posting them on her Bandcamp page at the same rate other millennials posted selfies on Tumblr. Intuitively drawing a through-line from her own want to express herself to listeners’ want for sincere, off-handed experiences, she garnered a following." - Huffington Post

CREDNTIALS: Minimalist in approach and aestitic but flurries with emotion. Hot off the heels of thier debut album 'Next Thing'. Frankie Cosmos show no sign of stopping adding to their already extensive roster of intelligent pop material.

FOR FANS OF: Courtney Marie Andrews, Chastity Belt, The Orielles

WHY PICK THEM?: Poetic driven bursts of millenial madness.

Visions Festival takes place this coming Saturday. Tickets selling fast - Grab yours here

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